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Title: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: JnE on Jul 08, 2011, 12:35 AM
I'm new to posting here, but I've been reading for a while.  I haven't noticed anyone else mention this, but if they have, my apologies for the repeat.  Right before the SNIT kissing scene, Ennis whispers, "Jack I swear", right under his breath, making me think of the yet-again brilliance that was Heath Ledger.  It brings it all around, full circle, to the last closet scene, where he says it again, this time quite clearly.  I think the first time it was more of a, "Jack I swear...What are you doing to me?", type of thing... and in the end it was a definite, "Jack I swear...What you've done to me...I'm miserable without you...I'll always love you and I'm yours forever", promise.  Anyone else notice?  Its brilliance is right up there with the other under-breath scene where Ennis is in Jack's closet, sniffing the hidden shirts, and closes with him exhaling a barely audible, "I love you".  Takes my breath away every time.
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: myprivatejack on Jul 08, 2011, 11:41 AM
First things first,welcome to the forum,JnE ¡ I really hope you'll have a great time among us.As regards to the second (or first,better said)"Jack,I swear...",I confess not having heard it up to now... :s) What is rather easy,on the other hand,being Ennis speech based almost in groans and barely understable specially for non-English speakers,like me ¡.If he says this,it can make sense in the end,as this unfinished statement would be as if he said:-"Jack,I swear,I didn't mean to be so rough with you yesterday" or"...I didn't know what I was doing,but now I'm sure I want to be with you".I don't know,whatever sounding like an apologise ¡.
About the "I love you" in the closet scene,there's a thread for it,where half of us have heard it and the other half,haven't... ;D I am one of the first group,but anyhow it also makes an incredible sense,as Ennis discovers "that thing" can have been called love during all those years; he finds he has loved and been loved by the effect of the shirts so many years saved as a memory of love precisely.Anyhow,a very sad discovering when it's already too late; even if this love never grows old... :_( :_( :_(
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: JnE on Jul 08, 2011, 03:09 PM
I appreciate the welcome and response, MPJ!  It's so funny, too, because i didn't hear it at first, either, but now, even if I'm not paying attention (I know, how is THAT possible! Lol!!!), I still hear it!!  It's so very blatant to me now.  It's right in the beginning, when their heads come together, and they are just about to share their first kiss, under his breath, of course, so first timers really have to pay attention (just as with the "I love you" in the closet.)  When I first noticed it, I thought it was a trick of the ear, so I went close to my t.v., and the confirmation presented itself.  I checked the words and lips many times in order to be sure (Rough work this! Ha!!), and each time it was clear.  And I think it does make sense for him to be at the "Jack I swear…What are you doing to me?" stage at that point.  He's stunned, bewildered, and heady with wonder... He has no idea what he's doing! (I mean this in the sense that he obviously knows what is happening, but he doesn't know how or what's to come... He's living in the very moment, feeling things he believes he shouldn't, with no clear understanding.)  I hope you and others get to hear it.  I think it really adds to the whole thing, with the way it comes all the way around, bringing it all together, full circle! :) And yet another tribute to the great, dearly departed, Mr. Ledger.
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: ethan on Jul 08, 2011, 08:50 PM
JnE, let me also welcome you to the forum. Love the name! Hope you are enjoying your time here.

As to the topic of this thread, I have not heard it after seeing BBM so many times. I guess the scene is so intense. All the actions speak for itself. Our hearing just got diminished. I will have pay a close attention to it next time.

Thanks for the insight!!
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: JnE on Jul 09, 2011, 09:43 PM
Thanks Ethan!  Frankly, if I didn't have this forum to come to at this point and time, I fear I would be sitting in a corner trying to express my feelings and insight with my poor dog! ??? Reading all this stuff, often confirming my speculations, or highlighting things I totally missed, is quite cathartic!!!  Regarding the first, "Jack I swear", get right up to the teli, it's the second night, the very moment before their lips touch for their first kiss.  Once you place it, you will never be able to lose it again!  It's so cool.
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: FlwrChild on Jul 11, 2011, 11:29 PM
 #$# JnE.

I never noticed that before but I might have to take a peek just to see. I'm glad you found the forum. I remember that same feeling of relief, discovery, solidarity. It's wonderful to have a place to come to share all the thoughts and feelings that can be stirred up by this beautiful story.  :)
Title: Re: Two "Jack I Swear" 's in the movie... Anyone else notice???
Post by: Yeasin on Jan 11, 2019, 02:45 PM
Please someone help me to find the scene where ennis says 'jack, i swear...' for the first time