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I'm new to the forum, so if I say something please forgive me. When I heard that, I was totally confused especially because he whispered it. I had to put it on closed caption just to understand but when I did I got it. "Jack I swear" meant "Jack I swear I'll always love you. Which was so beautiful but heartbreaking. :(
I somewhat agree with you. From the start, you could tell Jack was more "experienced" than was Ennis. Now the fidelity part, I liked Jack, but he was a complete slut. When he said," something I hardly ever get," hardly means you get it you are not getting enough of what you want. I never, then that's a different story. But to add insult to injury, after he would get his sex on, he'd go to Ennis is if nothing is different. I just felt that was so low down. You tell him one thing, but you are doing the dirty deed with any and everyone. He knew Ennis was a novice to all of this. and poor Ennis is sitting there being good thinking Jack is also. When I first saw the movie and he was outraged about Mexico, I thought he was just being an a**hole, then I saw it again and it came to me that he was hurt. Basically, the truth of Jack's character was shown to him. And in the early '80s, OMG! He was playing with people's lives.

I forgot to add that when Jack made the statement "sometimes I miss you so much I can hardly stand it," I noticed how Ennis looked at him, like yeah right!
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Re: their true love was not the nature itself?
« Last post by Dunfee on Apr 13, 2019, 07:47 AM »
Never really thought about it in those terms. But you could definitely make a strong case that nature was the glue that held everything together, no?
In Memory of Heath Ledger / Re: Heath Ledger - In Loving Memory
« Last post by rimasworld on Jan 22, 2019, 06:34 PM »
Miss you still Heath. Wish you were here making us smile  :) and cry  :_(  watching your movies. You were one of a kind. 
Please someone help me to find the scene where ennis says 'jack, i swear...' for the first time
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Re: Re: PBS (post brokeback syndrome)
« Last post by FlwrChild on Dec 06, 2018, 11:40 PM »
 #$# veronique.

I think that's a really interesting idea. This would be a good topic for the Characters, Quotes and Scenes section. Maybe one of the moderators could help you get that set up?

Meanwhile, I'll start with a reply for that thread by saying that I think nature definitely played a big part in their relationship. It allowed them to have a reason to be together in that tent when they first took a chance on acting on their growing attraction and passion for each other. It was the backdrop to their entire life together in those times they were able to steal away from their other lives. And I think it was a shared love of the outdoors that helped them explore and renew their relationship each time they met up, away from the prying eyes of the rest of the world.

Thank you for that thought. I'll be interested in what other people think. Let's see if we can get this moved over to the other board for more conversation.  :)
hello I wonder if their true love was not the nature itself? what do you think please ?
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Re: Jack really had an affair with Randall?
« Last post by Thuy Tien on Nov 16, 2018, 02:13 AM »
I don't think Jack had an affair with somebody when I saw this film.
Jack was too sad and bitter at the last meeting with Ennis, he wish he could quit Ennis (but he couldn't do it in fact). It means he was in love with Ennis very much.
Director Ang Lee may want to tell more about the disapoinment of Jack when he was hurt by Ennis but he cut off all scence related to Jack's affair with Randal (or another fella) finally.
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Re: Jack's Dying Wish
« Last post by FlwrChild on Nov 15, 2018, 11:06 AM »
Thuy Tien, you may be right about that. Perhaps when he drank he didn't worry as much about being discreet and said what was on his mind. Frequently alcohol loosens our tongues.

tpe, I also have a friend who wants their ashes scattered in different places that are meaningful to them. I don't think that's uncommon these days. As you point out, sometimes one has to be very careful about carrying out those wishes depending on where the person wants to be scattered.
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Re: Jack's Dying Wish
« Last post by Thuy Tien on Nov 12, 2018, 03:10 AM »
In my opinion: Jack talked about his wish of cremation when he drank to much.
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