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Hello folks!

This is my first post here and I just want to share my two 0.02. And I also think that this hasn't been discussed here.

The UK Blu-ray (released in Aug 2007) comes with a leaflet stating the sixteen scene selections (indices). The one pointing to the Thanksgiving dinner at the Twist/Newsome house is labeled as 'No Longer a Secret'. The same index also includes the dinner with Ennis, Alma, Monroe and the girls and Ennis fighting on the street.

What do you think? Is there any significance to this? Is the scene selection label pointing to Jack or Ennis (or both)? This has been discussed here whether Lureen knew etc...

I have the US full screen DVD, too, but the scene selection labels are different and there are more of them, especially towards the end of the film.

What about the other Blu-rays/DVDs? How are the scene selection indices labeled there?

Sorry for my English; I'm not a native speaker although I've been listening/writing/talking it for the past quarter of a century.. ~)

I've been learning a lot of 'new' words and expressions reading this forum..another great way to enjoy this place. Thanks guys!

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rdx, thanks for sharing the insights. I don't have Blu-ray and haven't paid any attention to the labels of the scene selections (not even sure if there are on my DVD).

It is interesting as you pointed out the Thanksgiving scene title "No Longer a Secret." I would think it is referring more to Alma confronting Ennis in the kitchen because Alma had seen Ennis and Jack kissing and known his fishing trips for some time.

Your English is just fine so please don't be sorry. Looking forward to hearing from you more.

Are all of the Thanksgiving scenes under "No Longer a Secret"  title, or is there another title for the Alma/Ennis/Monroe dinner....?  Remember when Alma confronts Ennis, it is at Thanksgiving the kitchen.

We actually get to see the two separate Thanksgivings - first with Jack and his standing up to his father-in-law...and of course the sweet scene where Ennis explains his seconds flying in the air from a bull...but then the disaster in the kitchen...

Thank you ethan; I'll be posting more observations and questions.

jorae Both Thanksgiving dinner scenes are under the same title "No Longer a Secret" (title 11 on the Blu-ray). The title starts with Jack pouring gravy on the turkey at the Twist house and ends with Ennis being beaten on the street..fade out and then the title 12 ("Suspicions") starts with E & J riding in the mountains. I just checked it.

I still keep wondering...I mean that the title "No Longer a Secret" refers to both dinner scenes. Of course it is more obvious in Ennis' case. But the 'half-baked notion' from LD "..your boy to grow up to be man.." may have a deeper meaning. Could it be that the Twist/Newsome family knew about Jack at that time but it was to shameful to mention it. Years later the secret came out publicly and Jack's destiny was sealed..sadly.

The scene with Jake G. is absolutely brilliant..and Anne H's facial expression after "..ignorant ass into next week" is priceless.

I think the reason that segment was call that has to do with the Ennis/Alma scene.

As you saw from the Thanksgiving scene with the Twists, the Old Man had no respect for Jack when he kept calling him "Rodeo"... and it would appear, he had been putting up with this belittling for years...since the boy looked about 10....It was nice to see the old man put in his place when Jack stood up for himself and it was great to see the approval from Arleen.  

But the same year Thanksgiving, in the Ennis/Alma/Monroe scene where they discuss just the oppsite of the Twist family scene....suspicions laid out about him hot being a heterosexual masculine man.

I agree, I loved Ann H's expression... .


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