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Just for your information... O0

(According to Google Translate and my engineer logic:)

BBM has been released in (South) Korea at least "twice": in 2006 (May 26th) and in 2009.

The pictures are from the site mentioned in the pictures; the site is not a (r)etailer but some sort of info-site.


In 2006 the release was a limited edition looking like this (the SS in Korean):


Another edition comes with the soundtrack:


In 2009 there were three 'different' editions in release:

in April: a 'normal' edition release,
in September: a Paramount Collection edition release, and
in December: a Christmas sale edition release. 

These three appear to be the same 'physically' speaking, April release:


The other 2009 releases have only the cover picture (at the site mentioned in the pictures): all three cover pictures seem to be the very same.


It seems also that the actual DVD package is the same in all five releases and the DVD's 'date' back from 2006 because they contain only the four original extra features.

Though I do question the reliability of the information provided by this site: a real (r)etailer site has no information on the 2009 release(s).

Any additional information, dear Brokies?


There's also a one-fold booklet as follows:

Any Korean speakers here? Probably there's nothing 'new' in the booklet.

The book is actually (the whole) "Close Range: Wyoming Stories", not just "Brokeback Mountain".

Otherwise the DVD itself is practically the same as the original US widescreen edition (with the four bonus features), only language differences:

I have seen it. Nice sounding


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