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Steel Edition DVD from Universal Spain

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I own this exclusive Spanish landscape DVD edition, released on 2008 that I wanted to share here with you people, since I noticed is not listed anywhere. Even in Spain most people don't know about this edition. It consists on the regular special 2 discs edition with a very nice steel box and an exclusive 14 pages booklet, all with a horizontal display what makes it even more special.


As you can see, the picture is kind of turned off and when you turn it to the light it becomes colorful and shiny, and the main title changes color from white to skin color  <^(

The inside is silver colored  ;)

The booklet includes nice pictures and information about the film, characters, actors and director:

Hope you all liked it! I personally love my steel edition  (:*

In case somebody is interested, there are some copies still available on

Very interesting. Any idea or indication why it was in this steel box?
I've never seen another DVD type product in a metal container, but I don't scan the shops much.

Well it is a special line of steel boxes that Universal Spain designed for classics and most selling films. You could also find movies like Jurassic Park, King Kon or E.T., all of them with horizontal display. Just a gift for collectors so we could have something special I guess...

I never saw a steel box DVD from any other country or company either, except for the Netherlands edition, but that disign wasn't as nice as this one  ;)

Steel boxes are very common on Blu-ray format though...

Beautiful!  <^(

Thanks for sharing with us, Jack_Nasty!  ;)

Very nice edition indeed!
Thanks for sharing with us  :c)


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