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Brokeback in Panama
« on: Mar 05, 2006, 12:21 PM »
Why I never thougth about this before? ::)  but i think that Brokeback in panama is passing by, because they are not putting a lot of advertisment in the movie on tv, only on newspaper when i saw the reviews it says must see but says that it is not recomended for homophobic but i think that they are the ones that need to see it. Every time i've seen the movie i'm amazed taht are couples men and women seeing the movie and they are pleased when they see the movie and it was a good movie for them but i still hear from people "I'm not going to see any movie about gay people" that made me think that maybe my country still thinks that is a taboo. but well it is good to know that some people are finding this movie here interesting i can't remeber how many times i've talked with my friends to watch the movie and they have watch it an like it. but i think that the movie is to damn good and it is a shame that some people close mind to this movie