Author Topic: << Here are the reasons why BBM didn't win at the Oscars! >>  (Read 3474 times)

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A lot of the members from the so called prestigious academy awards refused to watch Brokeback Mountain (specially the old ones), unprofessional people who were not doing their job, but were homophobic about the gay-themed in it. Others felt so uncomfortable about the film that instead ignored it and decided to go with a more safety-feeling movie (to not get in trouble with the also so called moral values'... what a joke). If you count all of those votes that were not even consider for Brokeback Mountain, automatically make Crash the winner (no doubt about it). For example, if only 65% of 100% voters participated and 35% were voting for BBM... imagine the rest who didn't do their job and without thinking just went with Crash. This is the most unfair and ridiculous awards of all, I always thought they were the best of all award shows but now, I think they're the worst. It's not me wanting the movie BBM to win so, so bad... but Crash didn't stand a chance againts our movie, not because I say so... based on all the gradings BBM has gotten. Now, what I hate is that Crash is getting all the glory as if it were the best movie of 2005, that movie is in that position because they used it to make us think it was a fair race... while is just a regular movie not deserving of an Oscar. We are not the only ones to think like this... Here are some links:,5744,18382984%255E16947,00.html

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Re: << Here are the reasons why BBM didn't win at the Oscars! >>
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Thank you, Riobbm23.

Believe me, I understand your frustration and anger.  Perhaps I will never to rigorously prove it, but in my heart of hearts, I know that what you had said has truth.

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Re: << Here are the reasons why BBM didn't win at the Oscars! >>
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The academy reasons to the Crash was winning are so false, if they reward real stories with social and politics contents over romantic stories why Titanic win ove LA confidential on the 1998 for example, that it's the proof they try to excuse for their great mistake for reward that poor and no original movie, BBM it's a great love story more honest and sphisicticated. But who care an oscar from the academy, BBM have the oscar of our hearts :cr)
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...Just a thought...thinking out loud... :s)

Back on Oscar Night...
The Academy Awards has always had a poor track record when recognizing movies dealing with diversity or race relations!  For "Crash" to win...meant some undercover planning and scheming was done by LionGates Entertainment!  (To release DVD copies of "Crash" to the Academy Board Members before voting...was pretty clever!)  ^-^ 

Not to mention...Tony Curtis and his entourage refusing to see "BrokeBack Mountain" when it came down to voting!  I can they be on the board and didn't watch all of the movies nominated for "Best Picture"?  It's invalid!  Not to mention...not fair!  That would be cheating!  Those members on the board who didn't wish to see the film...should had step down or sit out and appointed other additional board members to watch 'ALL OF THE FILMS NOMINATED' before making their decision...not a select few!!!  :X

...Despite the protesters who were picketing "NO BROKEBACK" on Oscar Night clearly homophobic people are when it comes to certain films being nominated for 'Best Picture'!  %(

...Do you honestly think that the Academy Board Members really give a care about race and diversity in films? 
...I wonder...if 'BrokeBack Mountain' were about a 'straight couple' instead of a 'gay couple'...would they had voted for "BrokeBack Mountain" instead of "Crash"?  :s)  They probably would had chosen "BrokeBack Mountain" over "Crash" if "BB Mountain" had been about a straight couple!!!  ;D

...My fellow 'Brokies'!
...Let Me Know What You Think About All Of This?  :)

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Re: << Here are the reasons why BBM didn't win at the Oscars! >>
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There would be no movie if it was about a straight couple. The whole movie rides on the fact that it was two men. Its not forbidden if it was a man and woman, and I don't think it would be as effecting as well
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