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BBM DVD COVER, what's your opinion?!

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I personally don't like it and I'm disappointed, I can't believe Focus Features is kissing the academy members butts by adding their name in big letters in the DVD cover (It seems like that name is more important than the film, how ridiculous is that?!).  They ignored the film and refused to grade it even though they knew that BBM was the winner.  If they wanted to do that why couldn't they add all these important awards like the Golden Globes, Critics' Choice. Baftas etc... in small text.  Did you see how small the picture of BBM is?!  Of course, this will not stop me from getting my DVDs but I don't like what Focus Features did at all!

 >:( >:( ::) >:( >:(

Miss Nice:
I SO agree...
I would have hoped for some Bafta thing on the front... And why is the image not filling up the whole front?


It's the really dvd cover or it's just a beta ?

I agree with both of you.. c'est dommage.. !  :-\

I agree this cover doesn't fit BBM at all.
They could have put a pic of the reunion kiss instead  ;D
I hope the french edition will have a better cover  :)

I don't like the cover - reminds me of those bargain bin releases of 20-year old movies.

And, yes, they could have been more creative with the awards banner

British ACADEMY of film and television arts AWARD - BEST PICTURE  ;)

I hope the UK cover is better...


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