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*SPOILER* Your Thoughts after seeing the DVD

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Brokies, DVD release in the US is around the corner (sorry friends oversea).

Please post all your thoughts here after you watch the DVD.

The first person I am aware of in this forum - Esme has gotten her DVD. Lucky her.  :D

Ok...this can be made into all sorts of new topics when more people get the dvd and we want to discuss all the little things we see or hear that missed us before.

If you have wandered in here by mistake and don't want to know STOP READING NOW :)

But I just have to say something and I will disguise it in here, no bold no italic and no enlarged.

The scene that has haunted me the most and where I have disagreed with people in here is the infamous second tent as it is, I haven't been hearing the I'm sorry and haven't seen Ennis mouth it either. Well. I just played the second tent scene with subs. First thing I did after tearing off theplastic. I just had to see if there was indeed an I'm sorry subbed there. And it is, but it isn't Ennis that says it. It is Jacke. I am sorry but that is my take on it. I have been paying so much attention to Ennis lips that I haven't even thought of Jacks. But when I saw the subbed I'm sorry I played it again ,watching Ennis lips and then again watching Jacks. This is my opinion. Jack says I'm sorry, two I'ts alrights and then says come here, lie back. Put a ton of ! behind that one.

Thanks but I will definitively wait for the DVD...  I don't want to ruin my own experience!

 ;) :D :'(

I agree with Esme. Ennis talking :o ;D No.
Jack says "Come (here)", "It's allright" (That's allright?) Ennis just concentrate on "being", make little resistance, it's his role. Jack having the allureing part (he's the gayish one). 
(Have to make a confession: I have it on my PC.... so hang me :P .. living in "Lapland" you see ::), but I'm going to buy the DVD also.)


--- Quote from: Esme on Mar 24, 2006, 01:50 PM --- Jack says I'm sorry, two I'ts alrights and then says come here, lie back. Put a ton of ! behind that one.

--- End quote ---
OH MY GAWD!!!  I saw the film 9 times in a theater, and I only heard "I'm sorry" once and "its alright" twice...but I NEVER heard "come here, lie back!  OH MY GAWD!!! Did Jack really say that? :o  WOW!!! How sexy is that!  Now I am waiting AND salivating ;D!   Donna

YEE HAW! My DVD just a arrived from Wolfe Video today, along with my BBM bandana. ;D :D ;D    Now that I have decent volume control & subtitles, I was finally able to catch some of the dialog from the tent scenes that I could never hear in my downloaded bit torrent version. Our boys really DO say "Sorry" and "It's all right" in the tent scene. It may not be big screen, but there are definitely advantages to having the DVD. You guys are gonna love it!   ;D

I've only played it once so far, so I haven't nailed down exactly who said what to whom, but what Esme said sounds about right. I had never heard that "Come here, lie back" before, but there it was! Now we can all finally know for certain.


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