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Hi and welcome, YouBet! ^f^ I have to think a bit more on which I think they each fall under though I do agree with your assessment.
I'm a fellow INFJ :)
Very interesting. I have never seen this classification before. I try to find what type I am. And although I'm not sure I understand all the English words, I believe I am ISFJ  ::)
If youíre interested you can take a short test on this website to help you figure it out Iím an INFJ and itís like itís describing me personally
Forum Newsletters / Re: Forum will not close as announced
« Last post by froggy on Jan 16, 2022, 12:10 PM »
Very interesting. I have never seen this classification before. I try to find what type I am. And although I'm not sure I understand all the English words, I believe I am ISFJ  ::)
Ennis was clearly very upset when they were called down early. In his mind, the rules of their situation were fixed and their ďone-shot thingĒ was over. Jack however seems much more relaxed, and not because he doesnít care, but because he is optimistic, a dreamer, and to him it didnít have to end. In true Jack fashion he playfully approaches Ennis and tries to lighten the mood, but Ennisí volatility results in the bloody nose and punch in the face.
His affection being met with such hostility and aggression might have caused Jack to back off if he had been planning on saying something. Would I have expected him to profess his love, or suggest they run off together? No, Jack is not stupid, and knows he would have to proceed with caution around that subject. But could he have suggested something more vague that Ennis would have agreed to? Or at least allowed them to remain in contact? I feel that the punch blindsided Jack and shut the door on his confidence in talking to Ennis. He probably figured Ennis wouldnít want to see him again so he stole the shirt as a memento instead.
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / How old was Ennis when he lost his parents?
« Last post by Youbet! on Jan 14, 2022, 01:34 PM »
And where did he and his siblings go? We know they lost the ranch and that his brother and sister ďraised him mostlyĒ. K.E. is only 3 years older than Ennis, were they all minors? Did they stay with a family member? What would have been normal in that time and place?

Interesting post about Meyers-Briggs personality type for Ennis and Jack. I think you've described their personalities perfectly. I inserted an image for a reference.

I would consider Jack as an ENFP (aka campaigner personality type) and Ennis possibly a ISFJ which is the defender personality type. Ennis is a bit harder due to him being very reserved and emotionally closed off. I believe Ennis is quite damaged and not as emotionally resilient as Jack. Nothing matches perfectly of course, but assigning them personality traits allows you to better understand how they might think and feel, and the potential for what they could be under different circumstances.
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / The shirts. No, not that part.
« Last post by Youbet! on Jan 14, 2022, 12:32 AM »
I canít decide if this is a continuity error or deliberate. Iím leaning toward deliberate except I canít make it make sense. Am I overthinking? Absolutely.
So in the FNIT Ennis is wearing his darker shirt. The next morning he rides off and we later see Jack doing their laundry (heís pounding Ennisí light shirt).  It appears to be dusk on the same day (as indicated by the natural progression of time) where Jack meets Ennis at the sheep, then later still that same night where Ennis sits nervously by the fire while Jack undresses in the tent... except now heís wearing the light shirt.
I cannot picture a scene where he changes shirts. Is Jack like ďhere you go, a nice clean shirt for you to wear right before I take it off you againĒ and ennis awkwardly undresses and changes? Or does he even more awkwardly wash himself while Jack just sits there? I mean Iím sure Ennis wants to be a gentleman and be clean, I just canít picture the interaction.
Characters, Quotes & Scenes / Is Jack John Jr.?
« Last post by Youbet! on Jan 14, 2022, 12:02 AM »
Probably not, but Iíve thought it was an interesting possibility. The name Jack is a very popular name itself, but itís also a diminutive of John, which is Jackís fatherís name. Kind of a coincidence. Is it possible his mother tried to name him after his father in an attempt to make him bond with him?
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