Author Topic: 5 years later - Biggest Oscar Shocks – When CRASH Pipped BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN  (Read 2141 times)

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Biggest Oscar Shocks – When CRASH Pipped BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN

"There were few souls brave enough to bet against Brokeback Mountain winning Best Picture in 2006. Those who did were teased incessantly and seen as rather senile. For most it was a done deal. Ang Lee’s film had inspired an endless spiral of important moral discussion and celebrity parody. Everyone in Hollywood was busy ramming the film’s importance down people’s throats and every critic seemed more than happy to take the bait.

Brokeback Mountain had tightened its grip on popular culture in a devastatingly rapid fashion and on its road to inevitable Oscar glory had become the most honoured movie in history. In the months of January and February you would be hard pressed to find a film organisation that dared to think otherwise. And certainly if Brokeback Mountain was going to somehow be defeated in the Best Picture category then it wouldn’t be as a result of the incredibly low budget picture Crash which had received uneven reviews and surprised many by even being nominated in this category in the first place."

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