Author Topic: CRASH is a hippocritical film!  (Read 1425 times)

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CRASH is a hippocritical film!
« on: Feb 20, 2006, 02:42 PM »
I'm up to here with the attention CRASH is getting, and I hope the BAFTA wins will eliminate any chance of it upsetting BBM.

However, it just occurred to me how blatently hippocritical CRASH is in that it doesn't have one gay character or any GLBT issues in it. Like gays don't exist in Paul Haggis' L.A.?

A few weeks ago, a guy walked into a gay bar in Massachussets and openly fired on innocent people. Lest we forget Matthew Shepard was strung up and left to die just because who he was. And then this film ALL ABOUT bigotry and prejudice just IGNORES GLBT people?

I became outraged at this. So I composed a letter and e-mailed it to the website of Oprah Winfrey, Roger Ebert, Larry King, the principal editors at Variety and L.A. Times, Lions Gate Studio, and even Focus Features (just to maybe give them some ammo.)

Maybe we can start a 9th inning campaign if as many of us did the same.

Let's expose CRASH for the FRAUD that it is!

Here's my letter:

I am troubled by all the attention the film CRASH is getting and its potential win for an Oscar Best Picture.
I mean it's supposed to be be about people with all their socio-economic differences - and yet there's not one gay character in the whole film?

It includes discrimination on race, religious, gender, economic, and ethnic issues - but not sexual orientation?

That's a serious problem if people won't equate racism with homophobia. I mean a guy walked into a GAY bar a few weeks ago in Massachussets and blew away innocent people because of his virulent hatred towards homosexuals.

Matthew Shepard was strung up and left to die just because who he was.

On Capitol Hill our elected representatives are trying to write discrmination in the US Constitution disenfranchising a whole class of people.

And yet in Paul Haggis' L.A., there are no queers - or GLBT issues. I guess again GAY PEOPLE JUST DON'T MATTER!

The film is quite flawed in that it's guilty of the self-same crime it's wagging a finger in the face of its viewers.

It sends a very troubling message.