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New Film about screenwriter Larry McMurtry
« on: Aug 06, 2013, 09:40 AM »
 "s;"Howdy all,

I'm very excited to be here.  My wife and I met in 2004, working on the set of Brokeback Mountain and love to recall memories from our time working on the film, I added a photo of us on set as my profile pic, good-times.  

So, I'm sorry if this is spammy... But we need your help.  We just wanted to let everyone know about our new Documentary.  "This past August, Larry McMurtry, author of Lonesome Dave, The Last Picture Show and the award winning Brokeback Mountain, sold over 300,000 antiquarian books from his legendary Booked Up bookshop at auction over two days. This film is the story of those Books.  We've launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund the completion of the documentary about McMurtry, the auction, and the future of the American book trade."

Thank you for your support. :c) Mathew

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