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I have ordered professional prints of our "Thank You" postcards. They are ready for your request.

They are a set of 15 (4x6) postcards. Each set will be $12 including postage. Please join the forum to mail these postcards to BBM.

The payment can only be made by Paypal. You can make a secured credit card payment without a Paypal account.

Paypal is limited to the following countries -

*Anguilla *Argentina *Australia *Austria *Belgium *Brazil *Canada *Chile*China *Costa Rica *Cyprus *Czech Republic *Denmark *Dominican Republic*Ecuador *Estonia *Finland *France *Germany *Greece *Hong Kong *Hungary*Iceland *India *Ireland *Israel *Italy *Jamaica *Japan *Latvia *Luxembourg*Lithuania *Malaysia *Malta *Mexico *Netherlands *New Zealand *Norway
*Portugal *Poland *Singapore *Slovakia *Slovenia *South Africa *South Korea*Spain *Sweden *Switzerland *Taiwan * Thailand *Turkey *United Kingdom*Uruguay *Venezuela

Quantities are limited - 2 sets maximum per person please. Please PM me if you have any question. Thanks for your support.

HERE is the link to the details of the postcards and payment instruction.

Front View

Back View

I ordered mine. Thanks for doing this!  :)


--- Quote from: LuvJackNasty on Mar 24, 2006, 11:11 PM ---I ordered mine. Thanks for doing this!  :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks for your support. Mail will be out tomorrow.


Wow Ethan! :o
It's great that you have done this!   ;D

I've ordered 2 sets of 15 cards.   ::)
Can't wait to see 'em!  :)

Thanks,  ;)
Jack in Maine

Thanks for your support, Jack in ME. The mail went out today (3/28).


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